He is more than just a football icon: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Investments



One of the biggest sources of income for the top class athletes of the world these days seems to be their business investments. Typically the sports superstars earn huge amounts of money via their salary, bonuses, and brand endorsement deals. But now they are turning towards other sources of income as well in order to maximize their wealth. And making business investments seems to be one such source. For instance, if we talk about Cristiano Ronaldo investments, we find that the best player in the world recently made headlines for his investments in the hotel business.

He recently invested $40 million into 4 boutique hotels that will be developed by Pastana Hotel Group, which is one of the biggest tourism and leisure firms of Portugal. According to the details of this Cristiano Ronaldo investment, the hotels will be developed under the CR7 brand name, which is the iconic Cristiano Ronaldo brand. These hotels will be located in 4 different cities of the world. Two of the hotels will be located in Funchal and Lisbon in Portugal. These were the places where Cristiano Ronaldo started playing football and where he started the youth career. One of the four hotels will be located in Madrid which is the place where he is playing football currently. And the 4th hotel will be located in New York. Cristiano Ronaldo is considering a move to Major League Soccer and New York can be his next destination.


With this investment, Cristiano Ronaldo will become a shareholder of the Portuguese company Pestana International Hotel Chain. If everything goes well, this investment can add a huge amount of money to the already massive Cristiano Ronaldo net worth. It would be interesting to see how this business deal ends up and what results does it bring for the football superstar. Cristiano Ronaldo has been doing really well on the football field recently. He has already won an international trophy with his national team, Portugal. And he has also been crowned the best player of the world by FIFA recently. His amazing performances on the football pitch, coupled with his business acumen are expected to bring more riches to him in coming years.


“I was always dreaming to have my own hotel,” the 30-year old told CNBC on Thursday after announcing a more than $40 million investment into four boutique hotels developed by the Pestana Hotel Group, one of Portugal’s largest tourism and leisure firms.

Under the name of Ronaldo’s ‘CR7’ brand, the hotels will span four cities closely linked to Ronaldo’s life: his hometown Funchal, Lisbon where he first started his youth career, Madrid for his tenure with the famed Spanish club, and New York where he’s considering the Major League Soccer.

The Portuguese native will become a shareholder of Pestana’s international hotel chain, which will mark his first investment outside of fashion and sport.

The $40 million injection will make a small dent into Ronaldo’s personal fortune of $223 million, according to soccer publication Goal, which ranked him as the world’s wealthiest player this year.


Ronaldo explains the hotel idea first came about during a casual conversation with the company in his native Madeira, an archipelago of four islands facing the Moroccan coast. A personal connection with chief executive Dionisio Pestana, whose father founded the Pestana Group, sweetened the deal.

“In my opinion, he’s the best guy to do business with in Portugal,” Ronaldo said. “He’s from Madeira too, so it was a good partnership. He has experience, not just in Portugal but all over the world…Dionisio is the number one [in hotels] and I’m the number one in football so, we have everything.”

Indeed, the 30-year old is confident his hotels will stand out in an industry facing serious disruption from start-ups such as Airbnb.

“I’m 100 percent sure that this is going to be different from others because of my name, the way I live, my ambitions, Dionisio’s ambition too…. Between this base of people—people who like me, the people who follow me—I think we have all the ingredients to do it.”

His CR7 label currently spans clothing and fragrance so by entering the hotel industry, some speculate the brand may be looking to mimic Virgin’s wide range of services and goods. “My ambition is kind of like in football, to be better and better….As you know, football is not for your whole life. I want other things.”

He has signed endorsement deals with top brands like Nike, Armani, KFC, Emirates, Coca-Cola, Tag Heuer, Castrol and Konami each deal worth millions of dollars. Cristiano Ronaldo net worth is estimated to be $330 Million, according to Forbes celebrity earnings in 2015, his salary earnings is put at $52.6 Million and his endorsement deals earnings is $27 Million.

Cristiano Ronaldo is also one of the most flamboyant sports person alive, living like a king and buying some of the most expensive properties. He has a luxury house in Madrid that cost millions of dollars and another $7.2 million penthouse in New York, USA.

He owns several choice sports and exotic cars that cost millions of dollars. Some of his choicest cars are Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Ferarri, and Aston Martins.

He also owns a private jet, a Gulfstream G200 business jet that cost him about $17 million to acquire. All these put together make him the richest footballer in the world with a net worth of $330 million





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