Your authentic set up a statistical piece on games played in the ongoing Total Africa Women’s Cup of Nations 2018 in Ghana.

The country’s capital Accra with Cape Coast hosted the 11th edition of the tournament from November 17 to 1 December.

Nevertheless, some teams are gradually cementing their place in the semifinal of the tournament with blistering of enigmatic goals. Two games each in the group stage both in Group A and Group B.

Group B

Teams        Goals scored   Matches

South Africa   8goals        2 matches

Zambia         5goals          2 matches

Nigeria          4goals         2 matches

Equatorial Guinea    1goal   2 games

 Goals Conceded

Team   Goals scored    Games

Nigeria          1goal      2 matches

South African 1goal     2 matches

Equatorial Guinea   12goals   2 matches

Zambia   4 goals   2 matches


Group A

Team    Goals Scored    Games

Cameroon   5goals          2 games

Mali            3 goals         2 games

Ghana          2 goals        2 games

Algeria         0 goals        2 games


Goals Conceded

Algeria   4goals   2 games

Ghana    2goals   2 games

Mali    3goals   2 games

Cameroon 5goals   2 games

Best Defence

South African







Equatorial Guinea








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