President of the Federation of International Volleyball (FIVB) has said, his outfit is ready to increase its investments in the sport in Africa, in order to ensure its development.

He said the FIVB in the last eight years had invested over 20 million dollars into the sport in Africa, but noted that, there were challenges in the investments, hence a new directive in the coming years in terms of investments to develop the game.

Addressing delegates and journalists at a special session in Rabat, Morocco on Wednesday, as part of the 2019 African Games, he said he was ready to start the new project on the continent with the training and provision of coaches to countries that needed them.

He added that, an initial two million dollars would be invested into the training and development of coaches on the continent, to serves as the foundation for reorganizing the sports in Africa.

“We need to get good coaches to develop and improve talents in the sport as the basic foundation for development.

“Africa has the talents in the sport. It is the heart of the sport in the world and there is the need to provide the continent with needed support to develop,” He added.

Mr. Silver Graca said, his outfit would also focus on beach volleyball, which is also an arm of the sport that had huge potential on the continent.

“I watched some of the matches at the competition and I think it has a great future.

“It is also one of the simplest and easiest sport to develop since you dont need more than two people to play,” he stated.



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