Ronaldinho is currently being held in a Paraguayan prison for allegedly attempting to enter the country using a false passport.

The Brazilian legend was travelling alongside his brother and agent Roberto de Assis Moreira using documentation that suggests that he’s a naturalized Paraguay citizen.

He was taken in for questioning and co-operated with police and many expected the former Barcelona midfielder to escape with little more than a fine and a warning.

But after a court in Paraguay refused his bail and rejected appeals for house arrest, Ronaldinho and his brother have now been taken to Asuncion prison.

The 2005 Ballon d’Or winner has even been pictured smiling in the facility, where he could reportedly be held for up to six months.

But the story gets even more bizarre because according to Brazilian newspaper Extra, the prison are now hosting a futsal tournament.

The indoor tournament will begin next Monday and it’s expected Ronaldinho will be spectating.

“We don’t expect Ronaldinho to participate, but we would like him to attend,” Commissioner Blas Vera told Extra.

That can’t be a coincidence, can it? Well apparently, it is.

The internal competition is usually held every six months and was scheduled long before the 2002 World Cup winner was detained.

As many as 194 inmates will be split into teams of 10 and they will play amongst themselves – no prison offers will be involved.

While the Brazil football legend will likely be out of prison soon, his lawyer has blasted the courts for deciding to lock him up in the first place. He also called his client ‘stupid’.

Adolfo Marin told Folha de Sao Paulo, per The Sun:

“The courts have not taken into account the fact that Ronaldinho didn’t know he was committing a crime, because he didn’t understand he had been given false documents. He is stupid.”

We’ve got to agree with you on that one, Adolfo.


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